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Books written by Case Adams, PhD, Naturopath

Probiotics – Protection Against Infection (Audiobook)

(Revised in 2021) We are surrounded, inside and out, by bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other microbes. The spread of infectious microorganisms has threatened or killed millions during recent pandemics. Dangerous bacteria are becoming resistant to antibiotics. Can we win the war against infectious disease?  In Probiotics: Protection Against Infection, we find clear evidence for probiotics’ ability… Read More »

DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY SOLVED NATURALLY: The Science for Relief of Mood Disorders with Dozens of Proven Natural Strategies

Depression and anxiety is plaguing our society, and surging among younger people. What are the causes for this surge? Are there any natural solutions, or is someone with depression or anxiety or both doomed to a life of antidepressant drugs accompanied by their side effects and potential for addiction?

HOLISTIC REMEDIES FOR ALZHEIMER’S: Natural Strategies to Avoid or Combat Dementia

The mysteries surrounding Alzheimer’s disease have confounded conventional medicine since its discovery more than a century ago. Finally, the causes and natural solutions for this mysterious condition are exposed in this groundbreaking book. Beginning with a full description of the signs and symptoms of early- and late-stage Alzheimer’s, the author clarifies the documented risk factors… Read More »

ORAL PROBIOTICS: The Newest Way to Prevent Infection, Boost the Immune System and Fight Disease

Every mouth is full of bacteria, yeasts, fungi and viruses. Can we stop these infectious microorganisms from making us sick? Today, with millions dawning face masks, washing with antibacterial soaps, and sanitizing classrooms, hospitals and other public places, we need new solutions. Peer-reviewed research from some of the world’s foremost microbiologists is now demonstrating that… Read More »

THE SCIENCE OF LEAKY GUT SYNDROME: Intestinal Permeability and Digestive Health

For many years, the digestive disorder called “leaky gut syndrome” has been described. Yet leaky gut was dismissed by conventional medicine as anecdotal and those who proposed it were labeled heretics. Is leaky gut real? Is there any hard scientific evidence? And if it is real, can it be diagnosed? And will reversing it offer… Read More »

NATURAL SLEEP SOLUTIONS FOR INSOMNIA: The Science of Sleep, Dreaming, and Nature’s Sleep Remedies

Getting to sleep is not always as simple as it sounds. Getting good quality sleep can be even harder. Here the emerging science of sleep and dreaming is unveiled in clear terms, revealing surprising information about how much sleep we need, what kind of sleep we need, and how we can calculate our sleep needs.… Read More »

HAY FEVER AND ALLERGIES: Discovering the Real Culprits and Natural Solutions for Reversing Allergic Rhinitis

The emergence of springtime is now dreaded by more people every year, and increasingly, all year long. More of us are faced with allergies and hay fever with each passing year. Scientists are mystified by this rapid growth of allergies among the developed world—growing at nearly epidemic levels. Why are so many people suffering from… Read More »

THE GLUTEN CURE: Scientifically Proven Natural Solutions to Celiac Disease and Gluten Sensitivities

Gluten sensitivities such as celiac disease, wheat allergy and gluten intolerance are reaching epidemic proportions. Right? Not so fast. In The Gluten Cure, the author clarifies the science, incidence, diagnosis and causes of gluten sensitivities with objectivity and clarity. These uncover the facts on gluten- and wheat-related conditions with some surprising findings. The author also… Read More »

PROBIOTICS PROTECTION AGAINST INFECTION: Using Nature’s Tiny Warriors to Stem Infection and Fight Disease

We are surrounded, inside and out, by bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microbes. Meanwhile, the spread of infectious microorganisms has threatened millions during recent pandemics. More worrisome has been news that dangerous bacteria are becoming resistant to antibiotics. Is there any hope in winning the war against infectious disease with this growing legion of microbial… Read More »

NATURAL SOLUTIONS FOR FOOD ALLERGIES AND FOOD INTOLERANCES: Scientifically Proven Remedies for Food Sensitivities

Drawing from over a thousand peer-reviewed studies including hundreds of clinical studies, “Natural Solutions for Food Allergies and Food Intolerances” provides clear and proven strategies to reverse food sensitivities using inexpensive and natural methods. While there are many texts that provide clarity on how to safely avoid foods we might be sensitive to, this text… Read More »

ELECTROMAGNETIC HEALTH: Making Sense of the Research and Practical Solutions for Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and Radio Frequencies (RF)

Our modern technologies are bombarding us with electromagnetic fields (EMFs) now more than ever. Are EMFs really harmful and if so, to what degree? Are all EMFs bad? The EMF controversy has now pitted scientists, action groups and the technology industry into rigid corners. In “Electromagnetic Health,” the author clearly and objectively presents the evidence… Read More »

BREATHING TO HEAL: The Science of Healthy Respiration

It would be nice to breathe optimally without thinking about it. Unfortunately, most of us have developed numerous bad breathing habits, which serve to deliver sub-optimal health. “Breathing To Heal” teaches us how to breathe optimally and efficiently. It also teaches us the physiology of breathing, various techniques for clearing our sinuses and airways, herbs… Read More »

MUCOSAL MEMBRANE HEALTH: The Key to Preventing Inflammatory Conditions, Infections, Toxicity and Degeneration

The mucosal membranes that cover our skin, sinuses, airways, digestive tracts and many other regions are critical to our health. Not only do they help protect our bodies from intruders and environmental toxins. They also provide many other critical functions, such as helping us digest our foods and helping us breathe. As a result, faulty… Read More »

THE LIVING CLEANSE: Detoxification and Cleansing Using Living Foods and Safe Natural Strategies

With the bombarding of our bodies by thousands of environmental and consumer toxins every day, most of us have realized that we need to incorporate cleansing and detoxification strategies in order to maintain health. In fact, numerous health disorders have now been attributed to synthetic and environmental toxins, including cancers, respiratory diseases, joint degeneration, digestive… Read More »

ASTHMA SOLVED NATURALLY: The Surprising Underlying Causes and Hundreds of Natural Strategies to Beat Asthma

Millions of people suffer from asthma, and asthma rates have been going up dramatically in the last few decades, primarily among industrialized nations. What is causing this almost epidemic surge of asthma? Is it as simple as air pollution and allergy triggers? More importantly, can asthma be reversed, and if so, how? Using over a… Read More »

ARTHRITIS – THE BOTANICAL SOLUTION: Nature’s Answer to Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Gout and Other Forms of Arthritis

The causes for the devastating condition of arthritis have become one of modern medicine’s greatest mysteries. Furthermore, a potential cure for arthritis has become just as elusive. As a result, modern medicine has focused on treating the symptoms rather than the disease. Here Dr. Adams uses a combination of modern research and traditional medicine to… Read More »

PURE WATER: The Science of Water, Waves, Water Pollution, Water Treatment, Water Therapy and Water Ecology

Water is our most essential element. Every day we drink it, bathe in it, cook with it and wash with it. What do we know about our water? Where does it come from? Is it clean? Is it healthy? Perhaps it is polluted or toxic. Perhaps what comes out of our faucet is making us… Read More »

HEARTBURN SOLVED: How to Reverse Acid Reflux and GERD Naturally

Heartburn leading to acid reflux disease, or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) seems pretty simple, right? Just an issue of too much stomach acid, right? Not so fast. The mass media, internet and conventional medicine have largely mischaracterized this condition – affecting millions and growing each year – for decades. “Heartburn Solved” identifies the real causes… Read More »

BOOSTING THE IMMUNE SYSTEM: Natural Strategies to Supercharge Our Body’s Immunity

Our body’s immune system has not been that well understood to date. While immunity has been the focus of medical study from a disease perspective, many of its functional characteristics have eluded scientists. This is evidenced by the fact that many infections are becoming resistant to many drugs – and numerous bacteria and viruses are… Read More »

Your Plan For Life: Personal Strategic Planning for Humans

  Developing your life plan – also referred to as personal strategic planning – is a necessary component for personal, financial and spiritual success. Yet completing such a plan can also be a daunting and challenging task. The author introduces his fool-proof system for personal inventory, self-discovery and visualization, leading to the creation of your… Read More »

TOTAL HARMONIC: The Healing Power of Nature’s Elements

Pythagoras, Plato and Ptolemy introduced the concepts of harmonics to the western world some 2000 years ago. Here Dr. Adams, a naturalist, herbalist, and health educator, combines the latest research into the natural world with centuries of scientific exploration and ancient wisdom to illuminate and validate these concepts. This insightful journey into the mysteries and… Read More »


The link between the human anatomy and consciousness continues to mystify modern medical science. The Conscious Anatomy reveals the scientific evidence that illuminates the connection between consciousness and the body’s metabolic processes. This evidence substantiates many key doctrines brought to us from the ancient traditional medicines, enabling a science-based clarification of ‘mind-body-spirit.’ The Conscious Anatomy… Read More »