Published Print Articles by Case Adams:

“Depression in the Age of COVID-19” published in Onfitness Magazine, Nov/Dec 2020

“Functional Immunity in Space” published in Onfitness Magazine, Sept/Oct 2020

“Lead in the Water: A Problem that’s Not Going Away” published in Onfitness Magazine, July/Aug 2016

“Home Exercises for Vertigo” published in Onfitness Magazine, May/June 2016

“Healing and Rebuilding Bones” published in Onfitness Magazine, Mar/April 2016

“Seven Strategies to Stay Healthy in a Polluted World” published in Onfitness Magazine, Oct/Nov 2015

“The Forest Dash: Exhilaration, Oxygenation and a Better Workout” published in Onfitness Magazine, May/June 2015

“Got Stress? Use these Natural Remedies to Reduce Stress and Fatigue” published in Onfitness Magazine, Mar/April 2015

“Will your Alarm Clock Give you Dementia?” published in Onfitness Magazine, Jan/Feb 2015

“Paddling Sports: Which Muscles are Used?” published in Onfitness Magazine, Nov/Dec 2014

“Parkour Fitness” published in Onfitness Magazine, Sept/Oct 2014

“Surfing Head Injuries: Water may be soft until a lot of it hits you in the head” published in Onfitness Magazine, July/August 2014

“Play is key to long term fitness” published in Onfitness Magazine, May/June 2014

“Is Osteoarthritis Inevitable?” published in Onfitness Magazine, March/April 2014

“Head Injuries and Dementia” published in Onfitness Magazine, March/April 2014

“Ayurvedic Medicinal Herb Emerges as Potential Agent for Treating Cancer” published in New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine, Nov-Feb 2014

“The Pros and Cons of Endurance Workouts” published in Onfitness Magazine, Jan/Feb 2014

“The Diabetes Epidemic” published in Onfitness Magazine, Jan/Feb 2014

“The Good and the Bad of Stress and Why Too Much is Bad” published in Onfitness Magazine, Nov/Dec 2013

“Keeping the Brain Sharp – the Latest Science of Cognition” published in Onfitness Magazine, Sept/Oct 2013

“Respiratory Tract Infections Treated with Traditional German Herbal Remedy” published in New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine, August 2013

“Benefits of the Cold Plunge” published in OnFitness Magazine, July/Aug 2013

“Asthma and Chronic Sinusitis Linked to Persistent Bacteria Infection” published in New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine, June 2013

“Keeping the Mind Sharp: The Latest Breakthroughs for Avoiding Dementia” published in OnFitness Magazine, May/June 2013

“Herbs to Speed Recovery for the Weekend Athlete and the Competitor” published in OnFitness Magazine, March/April 2013

“The Emergency of Surfing Fitness” published in OnFitness Magazine, Jan/Feb 2013

“Super Awesome Tropical Fruits, Part Deux” published in OnFitness Magazine, Jan/Feb 2013

“Achieving Muscle Balance” published in OnFitness Magazine, Nov/Dec 2012

“Health from the Tropics” published in OnFitness Magazine, Nov/Dec 2012

“The Cure for Cancer” published in OnFitness Magazine, Sept/Oct 2012

“Grilling this Summer?” published in OnFitness Magazine, July/Aug 2012

“The Super Nutrient: Vitamin D” published in OnFitness Magazine, May-June 2012

“Sunshine and Muscle Weakness” published in OnFitness Magazine, May/June 2012

“The Big Calcium Lie” published in OnFitness Magazine, March-April 2012

“The Power of Plant Protein” published in OnFitness Magazine, Jan-Feb 2012

“Bone Health: A New Sheriff in Town” published in Nutraceuticals World Magazine, April, 2012

“Vascular Disease Simplified” published in OnFitness Magazine, Jan-Feb 2012

“Green Foods for Peak Performance” published in OnFitness Magazine, Nov-Dec 2011

“Are You Still Eating Margarine?” published in OnFitness Magazine, Nov-Dec 2011

“All Day Energy” published in OnFitness Magazine, Sept-Oct 2011

“Healthy Fats” published in OnFitness Magazine, Jul-Aug 2011

“Greenfoods: The Rising of the Green Sun” published in Nutraceuticals World Magazine, May, 2011

“Greenfoods and Radiation” published in Nutraceuticals World Magazine, May, 2011

“Benefits of Raw Foods” published in OnFitness Magazine, May-June 2010

“The New Food Bill” published in OnFitness Magazine, Mar-Apr 2010

“Demystifying Electrolytes” published in OnFitness Magazine, Nov-Dec 2010

“Low Back Pain: Pelvic Dysfunction” published in OnFitness Magazine, Nov-Dec 2010

“Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease” published in Nutricula: The Science of Longevity Journal, Dec 2010

“Why is Sugar so Bad for You? (Hint: It’s Not What Your Think)” published in OnFitness Magazine, Sept-Oct 2010

“Natural Solutions for Migraines” published in OnFitness Magazine, Sept-Oct 2010

“Increasing Lung Capacity” published in OnFitness Magazine, July-Aug 2010

“The Truths and Myths about Protein” published in OnFitness Magazine, March-April 2010

“Brain Health” Published in Nutraceuticals Magazine, April 2010

“Medicinal Mushrooms for Detoxification and Healing” published in OnFitness Magazine, July-August 2010

“Antibiotics: A Blessing and Curse” published in OnFitness Magazine, July-August 2010

“Liver Damage” published in OnFitness Magazine, January-February, 2010

“A New Era A New Era for Nutraceuticals in Cardiovascular Disease Prevention” published in Nutraceuticals World Magazine, Nov, 2009

“Natural Solutions to Arthritis” published in OnFitness Magazine, Nov-Dec, 2009

“Cereal’s Disease-Fighting Potential”published in Healthy Aging October, 2009

“Foodborne Illness: How Safe is Your Food?” published in OnFitness Magazine, July-Aug, 2009

“The Promising Potential for Prebiotics and Probiotics” published in Nutraceuticals World Magazine, May, 2009

“Respiratory Efficiency” published in OnFitness Magazine, March-April, 2009

“Will Electromagnetic Radiation Hurt You?” published in OnFitness Magazine, Jan-Feb, 2009

“Are You Throwing Money Away on Probiotics?” published in OnFitness Magazine, June-July, 2008

“Diabetes: The Botanical Option” published in Nutraceuticals World Magazine, April, 2008

“Natural Stomach Health” published in OnFitness Magazine, March-April, 2008

“Hearty Nutraceuticals” published in Nutraceuticals World Magazine, November, 2007

“Intestionally Healthy” published in OnFitness Magazine, May-June, 2008

“A Faster Colon” published in OnFitness Magazine, Mar-Apr, 2008

“Vegetables of the Sea: Nature’s Fast Foods” published in OnFitness Magazine, May-Jun, 2008

“A Stronger Heart” published in OnFitness Magazine, Jan-Feb, 2008

“Eat Your Grasspublished in OnFitness Magazine, Mar-Apr, 2008

“Uncloaking the Mysteries of Medicinal Mushrooms Published in Nutraceuticals World Magazine, October, 2008

“Long Live the Liver” published in OnFitness Magazine, Jul-Aug, 2008

“Bee Healthy” published in OnFitness Magazine, Nov-Dec, 2008

“Natural Strategies for Insomnia” published in OnFitness Magazine, Nov-Dec, 2008

“Increased Intestinal Permeability Syndrome”published in Nutraceuticals World Magazine, June, 2006

“Soy-volution” published in Nutraceuticals World Magazine, April 2007

“Cardiovascular Disease Epidemic” published in Healthkeepers Magazine, July 2005

“Ocean Pressure” published in Nutraceuticals World Magazine, Nov, 2005

Published Internet Articles:

“Lemon Verbena Speeds Muscle Recovery, Relieves Fatigue”

“This Mushroom Increases Endurance”

“This Type of Fiber Reduces Inflammation”

“Can Neem Reduce the Risk of Coronavirus Variants?”

“Gut-friendly Prebiotic found in Carrots”

“Green Tea Compounds Help Fight Influenza”

“Avocado Reduces Belly Fat”

“Foods with Flavonoids Boost Cognition”

“Which Foods Increase Lifespan?”

“Fiber, Fruits and Veggies Reduce PTSD, Anxiety, Depression”

“Pine Bark Extract Reduces ADHD Symptoms in Kids”

“Malva Mallow for Eczema, Burns and Skin Inflammation”

“Ginger Beats Pharma Drug in Treating Hay Fever”

“Cinnamon and Other Strategies for Overactive Bladder and Urinary Urgency”

“Moringa: A Healing and Sustainable Superfood”

“Berberine Fights Different Cancers”

“Cruciferous Vegetables Reduce Artery Plaque”

“One Dose of Blueberries Boosts Cognition within Hours”

“Eczema Aided by Evening Primrose Oil”

“Avocado Speeds Exercise Recovery”

“Ginger Fights Multiple Virus Infections”

“Proven Medicinal Effects of Sea Buckthorn”

“Lemongrass Oil and Other Natural Remedies for Scabies”

“Herbs that Fight Lyme Disease”

“Olive Oil Compound Extends Lifespan”

“Rhodiola Herb Eases Depression, Improves Moods”

“Pine Bark Helps Reduce Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms”

“Spirulina Aids Weight Loss, Insulin Sensitivity, Immunity”

“Quercetin Reduces Blood Pressure”

“Bell Peppers Boost Metabolism, Activity, Trim Body Fat”

“Date Vinegar Lowers Inflammation, Cholesterol, Blood Sugar”

“Red Algae and Plant Lectins Tested Against Coronavirus”

“Spirulina and Herb Extracts Reduce Thyroid Nodules”

“Echinacea also Reduces Anxiety”

“Hibiscus Beats Chemo Drugs for Triple Negative Breast Cancer”

“Celery Antioxidant, Antifungal, Fights Metabolic Syndrome”

“Walnuts Reduce Blood Pressure”

“Herbal Medicines and Nutrients for Sickle Cell Anemia”

“Herbal Medicines for Prostate Issues”

“Fennel Oil Fights Antifungal-Resistant Candida”

“Culinary Mushrooms Reduce Prostate Cancer Risk”

“Fruits and Vegetables Boost Memory, Reduce Depression”

“Garlic and Onions Lower Breast Cancer Risk”

“Plant Sterols (Phytosterols) Proven to Improve Cholesterol”

“Herbal Medicines that Fight Influenza (Flu virus)”

“ADHD Herbal Therapy Proven: Lemon Balm and Valerian Root”

“Dry Eye Relief with Plant Medicines”

 “Modified Citrus Pectin for Detoxification, Cancer, Longevity”

“Motherwort Herb Eases Bleeding and Birth Complications”

“Surfers Ear and Swimmers Ear: Natural Approaches”

“12 Natural Therapies for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”

“Seven Herbal Essential Oils for Acne”

“Walnuts and Breast Cancer”

“Bread Preservative Linked to Obesity, Diabetes, Behavior Issues”

“Skyscrapers are Harming our Health and Our Planet”

“Probiotics Boost Moods and Sleep – Bacteria in the Brain?”

“Pesticides Increase Thyroid Disease Incidence”

“Probiotics Can Reduce Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms”

“Fruits and Vegetables Boost Moods, Reduce Depression           “

“Bitter Melon Helps Diabetes and Osteoarthritis Patients”

“Gum Disease Bacteria Linked to Alzheimer’s Disease   “

“Ashwagandha Fights over 50 Medical Conditions”

“Rose Hips Reduce Colds and Common Cold Severity”

“Meditation Increases Brain Gray Matter, Helps Chronic Fatigue       “

“Ayurvedic Long Pepper Herb Fights Cancer”

“Alzheimer’s Disease Linked to Air Pollution”

“Probiotics Improve Bipolar Disorder       “

“Dermatitis and Eczema Improved with Ceramides from Plants”

“Natural Therapies for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome”

“What are Bacteriophages and why are they being sprayed on foods?”

“Spirulina Boosts Immunity and Fights HIV”

“Ashwagandha Improves Thyroid Levels in Early Hypothyroidism”

“Indoor Pesticides Linked to Leukemia, ADHD”

“Flaxseed Reduces Blood Pressure, Heart Disease”

“Eating Organic Reduces Cancer Risk”

“Gynura Herb Fights Herpes Simplex Infections”

“Burdock Herb Inhibits Cancer, Boosts Memory”

“Mushrooms Combat Human Papillomavirus (HPV)”

“Artificial Sweeteners Linked to Microbiome Damage, Obesity, Diabetes”

“Breast and Prostate Cancer Linked to City Lights”

“Diet in Pregnancy Affects Baby’s IQ and Cognition”

“Eucalyptus Oil Inhibits Tuberculosis Spread, Studies Show”

“Music Improves Learning, Cognitive Development        “

“Carotenoids Help Prevent Breast Cancer, Research Shows”

“Raw Foods Improve Mental Health, Studies Find”

“Word Finding Difficulty Improved with Exercise          “

“Autism Linked to Chemical Exposure During Pregnancy”

“RoundUp Glyphosate Found in Popular Food Brands”

“Yogurt with Meals Reduces Inflammation”

“A Dozen Reasons to Eat Organic Foods”

“Hearing Loss and Tinnitus Linked to Diet”

“27 Herbs that Fight Herpes Infections”

“9 Mushrooms That Help Protect the Liver”

“Turmeric Inhibits Cancer in Hundreds of Studies”

“Dementia Linked to Gum Disease “

“Copper Fights Hospital Superbug Infections – Ayurveda          “

“How to Improve Your Neurotransmitters with Diet”

“Pepper-Rosmarin Essential Oil for Cavities and Gum Disease”

“Plant-based Nutrition Reduces Fatigue, Depression and Anxiety”

“Black Sesame Seeds for High Blood Pressure”

“Pomegranate Helps Reduce Prostate Enlargement”

“Garlic Extract Stops Leukemia Growth”

“Perfluorinated Compounds (PFCs) Suppress Immune System  “

“Cumin Oil for Irritable Bowel Syndrome”

“Mango Lowers Inflammation, Helps Prevent Cancer”

“Red Peony Root for Cholestatic Hepatitis”

“Mediterranean Diet Benefits Cognitive Decline, Alzheimer’s”

“Migraines Reduced by Aerobic Exercise “

“Flavanols in Foods Help Prevent Colon Cancer”

“Allergies and the Hygiene Hypothesis      “

“Can Peanuts Help Reduce Body Fat?”

“Noni Reduces Pain, Inflammation and Cholesterol”

“Talcum Powder Linked to Ovarian Cancer        “

“Organic Farming and Species Biodiversity         “

“Royal Jelly Boosts Testosterone, Estrogen, Reduces Menopause”

“Rosemary for Memory and Alzheimer’s”

“Triphala Ayurvedic Remedy Fights Gum Disease and Tooth Decay”

“Switch to Brown Rice for Weight Loss, Inflammation”

“4 Medicinal Mushrooms that Fight Cancer”

“Cinnamon Reduces Blood Pressure, Fights Metabolic Syndrome”

“Plant Lectins and Cancer”

“A Limited Nuclear War will Kill Billions of People       “

“Red Ginseng Lowers Blood Pressure, Boosts Testosterone, Aids Metabolic Syndrome”

“Night Owls Tend to Die Sooner, Suffer More Disease    “

“Turmeric Ointment for Oral Lichen Planus”

“Pistachios and Almonds Boost Healthy Probiotics”

“Research Confirms Probiotics Treat IBS “

“Nutrients that Improve ADHD in Children”

“Magnesium Required for Vitamin D Supplements         “

“Medicinal Mushrooms Prove to Fight Influenza”

“Arsenic Causes Cancer: What You Can Do About It      “

“Bottled Water Found to Contain Microplastics  “

“Touching with Empathy Reduces Pain and Syncs Brainwaves  “

“Legumes – Beans, Lentils and Peas – Help Prevent Cancer”

“Herbicides and Pesticides Linked to Parkinson’s Disease         “

“Cayenne Reduces Nerve Pain and Shingles Pain”

“The Mystery of H. Pylori, Ulcers and Stomach Cancer “

“Herbs Prove to Boost Breast Milk Production”

“Kelp and Bladderwrack Seaweeds Boost Cognition”

“Rosemary Herb Reduces Anxiety, Depression and Insomnia”

“Coffee Compared to Tea”

“Bee Venom Fights Lyme Disease, Reduces Inflammation          “

“Pine Bark Extract Reduces Menopausal Symptoms”

“Easy Weight Loss Strategy: Eat More Fiber”

“Olives and Olive Oil Inhibit Cancer and Alzheimer’s”

“Astaxanthin Helps Cognition, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s”

“Soil Bacteria Kill Melanoma Cancer Cells          “

“Tooth Decay, Periodontal Disease Linked to Heart Disease      “

“Horseradish and Nasturtium Effective for Lung Infections”

“Four Herbal Medicines that Fight the Flu”

“Herbs and Other Natural Solutions to the Opioid Crisis”

“Time for Your Input on U.S. Offshore Oil Drilling Plan            “

“Research Confirms Tart Cherries Help Sleep Quality and Duration”

“Aloe Vera Helps Fights Skin Cancer”

“Reducing Harmful Toxic Exposure this Holiday Season            “

“Nutritional Supplements Prevent Diseases, Save Healthcare Costs”

“High-Intensity Exercise Boosts Healthy Gut Probiotics”

“Couch Grass Helps Curb Kidney Stones and UTI Infections”

“Aloe Vera has 24 Amazing Medicinal Benefits”

“Childhood Exposure to Chemicals Linked to Obesity    “

“Antibiotic Herbs Interfere with Bacteria Quorum Sensing       “

“Herbal Formula for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome”

“Probiotics Treat Vaginosis and Vaginitis Infections       “

“Artemisia Herb Inhibits Growth of Multiple Cancers”

“Food Allergies Continue to Rise Among Adults and Children”

“Watermelon Lowers Blood Pressure, Boosts Exercise Recovery”

“Goldenseal Proves to be Antibiotic, Antiviral and Antifungal”

“Ayurvedic Amlaki Gooseberry Helps Heal Gut”

“18 Medicinal Benefits of Ginger According to Research”

“Garlic can Help Parkinson’s Disease Patients”

“Scullcap Herb Compound for Leaky Gut Syndrome”

“Thyme Antiviral Against Herpes and Other Viruses”

“Herbal Medicines for Enlarged Prostate”

“Debunking the Lectin-Free Diet Fad”

“Herbal Medicine for Osteoporosis”

“Cranberries Contain Prebiotic that Feeds Our Gut Probiotics”

“Grapes Protect Against Skin Cancer”

“Tai chi and Qigong Proven to Treat Depression “

“Does your Bottled Water Contain Pharmaceuticals and Nicotine?”

“Spondyloarthritis Linked to Bad Intestinal Bacteria      “

“Banana Peel and Leaf Help Heal Burns and Wounds”

“Parsley Boosts Immunity, Curbs Inflammation and Fights Cancer”

“Fermented Papaya Boosts Immunity and Detoxification”

“Arsenic from Rice: How to Reduce Your Risk”

“Tree Nuts Help Prevent Colon Cancer”

“USDA to Approve Drought-Causing GMO Eucalyptus Trees”

“Do Air Fresheners and Fragrances Cause Allergies?     “

“Banana Peels Help Prevent Hardening of the Arteries”

“Euphorbia Herb Fights Candida, Cancer and 5 Other Conditions”

“Long Term Cell Phone Use Linked to Brain Cancer      “

“Cherries Lower Inflammation Help Osteoarthritis”

“Dandelion Helps Heal 14 Medical Conditions”

“Studies: Foods and Plant Nutrients that Boost Hair Growth”

“TCM Herbs Help Prevent Miscarriage”

“Nitrate Rich Diet Boosts Athletic Performance”

“Mediterranean Diet Reduces Heart Disease Risk”

“One Brazil Nut a Day Lowers Inflammation, Blood Sugar, Cholesterol”

“Three States Have Banned Fracking Practice”

“Gotu Kola: A Dozen Proven Medical Benefits”

“Probiotics Aid Weight Loss and Body Fat Reduction”

“High Quality Saw Palmetto Extract Helps Prostate”

“Avocado Helps Reverse Metabolic Syndrome”

“Citrus Increases Circulation, Prevents Strokes, Boosts Cognition”

“Rice Bran Reduces Body Fat, Bad Cholesterol, Artery Damage”

“Purified Fecal Probiotics Kill Clostridium difficile Infections”

“Mulberry Improves Weight, Blood Sugar and Bad Cholesterol”

“Seasonal Allergies Reduced by Bifidobacteria Probiotics”

“Curcumin for Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis”

“IBS Aided by Fennel Essential Oil and Curcumin”

“Fresh Fruit Protects Against Diabetes”

“Reishi Mushroom Boosts Longevity, Fitness, Liver and Fights Cancer”

“Watercress Blocks Cancer and DNA Damage”

“Resveratrol Helps Reduce Weight and Slow Aging”

“Triple-coated Peppermint Oil Eases Irritable Bowel Syndrome”

“Curcumin from Turmeric Inhibits Zika, HIV, Herpes and Other Viruses”

“Why Parkinson’s is Linked to Abnormal Gut Bacteria”

“Citrus Fruits Fight Ulcers, Stomach Cancer”

“Soy Eases Menopause Better with Equol Production”

“Celery Seed Slows Alzheimer’s Disease, Boosts Cognition”

“Licorice Root Reduces Liver Damage from Alcohol”

“Acupuncture Improves Parkinson’s Symptoms”

“Red Raspberry Leaves Kill Colon and Throat Cancer Cells”

“Nigella sativa for Asthma and 14 Other Conditions”

“Essential Oils Formula Fights Acne Bacteria”

“Organic Peppers have more Antioxidants”

“Herbal Formula Beats Drugs for Endometriosis”

“Native Herbs Combat Infectious Arthritis”

“Soy Isoflavones Fend off Osteoporosis”

“Plant Compound Ellagic Acid Fights Cancer”

“Japanese Herbal Medicine Fights off Flu”

“Antioxidants Reduce Allergies in Kids”

“Arsenic in Rice Unrelated to Organics”

“Sage Boosts Moods, Memory and Multitasking”

“Exercise, Tai chi, Yoga, Acupuncture More Effective for Back Pain”

“Native American Herbs May Slow Parkinson’s Disease”

“Lemon Balm and Valerian Curb Hyperactivity, Boost Focus for Kids”

“Ginger’s Antiviral Prowess Proven in Research”

“Eating Colored Fruit Can Make You Look More Attractive”

“African Tree Bark Extracts Combat Malaria”

“Drinking More Water Reduces Junk Food Consumption”

“Grape Pomace Helps Prevent Cavities”

“Chinese Herbal Medicine and Alzheimer’s Disease”

“Wheat Bran for Boosting Gut Probiotics”

“Yarrow for Anxiety, Malaria, Hepatitis and Kidney Diseases”

“Andrographis Herb Combats Dengue Fever”

“Honey Heals Wounds, Burns and Ulcers”

“Herbs for Shingles”

“Tripterygium Root Effective for Rheumatoid Arthritis”

“Chlorophyll Helps Prevent Cancer”

“Goji Berries Aids Eye Health”

“Turmeric Helps Prevent Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases”

“Aromatherapy Proven to Fight Depression”

“Formaldehyde in Clothing Linked to Dermatitis and Cancer”

“Fiber for Reducing Effects of Second Hand Smoke”

“Are Blueberry Muffins, Jams and Juices also Healthy?”

“Curcumin for Prostate Conditions”

“Hovenia Herb Extract for Alcoholism”

“Microalgae DHA Lowers Triglycerides and VLDL-chloresterol”

“Peanuts Help Prevent Cancer, Heart Disease and 7 Other Diseases”

“Mushrooms and Vitamin D Content”

“This Type of Saturated Fat Fuels Cancer Growth”

“Essential Oils for Wound Healing and MRSA”

“Saunas Ward off Alzheimer’s, Heart Disease and 11 Other Conditions”

“Red Yeast Rice for Lowering LDL Levels”

“Pine Bark Boosts Memory and Cognition”

“Melanoma Rates Jump Despite Increased Sunscreen Use”

“Cranberry for Urinary Tract Infections”

“Five Proven Medicinal Benefits of Brewer’s Yeast”

“Resveratrol Fights Numerous Types of Cancers”

“Medicinal Herbs are also Great Antioxidants”

“Mulberry Leaf for Reducing Triglycerides, LDL, CVD”

“Hibiscus for Hypertension, Urinary Tract Infections”

“Stevia Reduces Diabetes Symptoms”

“Modified Citrus Pectin Boosts Immunity”

“Kava for Anxiety, Depression, Cancer, Cognition”

“Topical Ginger for Osteoarthritis”

“Mediterranean Diet Helps Prevent Alzheimer’s”

“Cordyceps for Asthma and 7 Other Conditions”

“Olive Oil and Mediterranean Diet for Reducing Alzheimer’s Risk”

“Prostate Cancer Therapy Linked to Dementia   “

“Flavonoids and Intestinal and Stomach Cancers”

“Chinese Herbs for Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease”

“Essential Oils Beat Antifungal Drugs for Fighting Candida”

“Alzheimer’s Drug Fails, Amyloid Hypothesis Dubious”

“Avocados for Reducing Cancer Risk”

“Larch Tree Extract for Colds and Respiratory Infections”

“Lack of Sunshine Linked to Trauma, Death, Hypertension”

“Plant Micronutrients Boost Immunity”

“Nuts for Reducing Risk of Pancreatic Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease”

“Plant Foods for Reducing Kidney Failure Risk”

“Black Seed May Help Type-2 Diabetes Patients”

“Peppermint Oil for Intestinal Spasms and Irritable Bowels”

“Plant Fats Reduce Heart Disease over Dairy and Animal Fats”

“Smartphones Disturb Sleep: Which Screens are Better?”

“Spruce Tree Bark Prebiotic Compound”

“Pine Bark Extract and Dust Mite Allergies”

“Herbs for Children with Learning and Behavior Issues”

“Plant Omega-3s versus Fish Oil for Heart Health”

“Caraway Seed and Weight Loss”

“Topical Garlic and Thyme Fight Candida Yeast Infections”

“Tree Nuts Are Heart Healthy”

“Qigong and Tai Chi Treat Parkinson’s Disease”

“Nicotinamide Fights Eczema, Skin Cancer, Sunspots”

“Celery Seed Extract After a Stroke”

“Soy Tempeh Inhibits E. Coli, Promotes Gut Health”

“TCM Herbs Beat Drug for Tourette Syndrome”

“Nutrients that Benefit Cancer Treatment”

“Studies: 12 Herbs useful after a Heart Attack”

“Probiotics Improve Athletic Performance, Recovery Times”

“Supplemental Resveratrol versus Dietary Resveratrol”

“Algal DHA and Child Memory, ADHD Symptoms, Reading Skills”

“Seaweed Extracts Fight Gum Disease”

“Rose Hips Fights 12 Conditions”

“Myrtle Herb Kills Antibiotic-resistant Skin Bacteria”

“Pectin and Balancing Blood Sugar”

“Boswellia with MSM Beats Glucosamine for Knee Osteoarthritis”

“Hatha Yoga Reduces Osteoarthritis Pain, Increases Mobility”

“Birch Bark: Cervical and Skin Cancer”

“Australian Rainforest Herbs and Cancer”

“Synthetic Vitamin E May Increase Prostate Cancer Risk”

“Gluten Digested by Enzymes from Probiotics”

“Hydrangea: Malaria, Multiple Sclerosis, Autoimmunity, Cancer”

“Herbal Formula for H1N1 Swine Flu”

“Turmeric May Aid Type-2 Diabetes Patients”

“Bacteria in Breasts Linked to Breast Cancer”

“Cantaloupes and Listeria: Bacteria on the Peel”

“Fenugreek Boosts Estrogen and Eases Menopause Symptoms”

“Acacia for Gum Disease”

“Vinegar Improves Type-2 Diabetes and Insulin Resistance”

“Western Diet Shortens Telomeres and Lifespan”

“Probiotics and Prebiotics Improve Blood Glucose Levels”

“Derris scandens Beats NSAIDs for Muscle and Joint Pain”

“Citrus Fruits for Diabetes”

“St. John’s Wort for Depression”

“Why Eating Organic is Important”

“Ginkgo biloba for ADHD in Children”

“Herbal Extracts for Flesh-Eating Bacteria”

“Dried Plums Prevent Menopausal Bone Loss”

“Papaya Leaf Inhibits Cancer Growth”

“Speed of Processing Brain Training Reduces Dementia Risk”

“Cupping Treats 33 Medical Conditions”

“Labisia Herb Fights Candida and Aids Women’s Health”

“Orange Peels Lower LDL Cholesterol”

“Bacteria that Produces Antibiotic Found in the Nose”

“Which Countries Ban GMO Crops or Require GE Food Labels?”

“Can Homeopathy Treat Cancer?”

“Aloe and Betel Chewing Oral Problems”

“Hops Herb Fights Breast Cancer and Menopause Symptoms”

“Honey Beats Antibiotics Against Super Bacteria”

“Selenium Helps Fight HIV”

“Arsenic Linked to Skin Cancer”

“Thumb Sucking and Nail-Biting Decrease Allergy Risk”

“Are Some Food Charities Perpetuating Hunger?”

“How Eating Organic Can Prevent Toxic Algae Blooms”

“Superbug Resistant to all Antibiotics found in the U.S.”

“Zinc and Other Minerals Help Autoimmunity”

“Too Much Saturated Fat Still Causes Heart Disease”

“Willow-Herb Fights Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria”

“Fruit Lowers Breast Cancer Risk – Alcohol Increases It”

“Berries Fight Gum Disease and Tooth Decay”

“Tomato Sauce Beats Raw Tomatoes for Heart Benefits”

“Multiple Sclerosis Linked to Sun, Melatonin, Vitamin D”

“Nuts and Heart Disease”

“Sesame and Rice Bran Oil for Diabetes, Hypertension, Bad Cholesterol”

“Drinking Peppermint Tea Boosts Memory”

“Beets Boost Cardiovascular Health, Reduce Blood Pressure”

“Can Chinese Herbal Medicine fight Cancer?”

“Essential Oils that fight Tonsillitis Bacteria”

“Indigo Naturalis for Ulcerative Colitis”

“Plant-based Diets Reduce Cancer and Heart Disease Deaths”

“Ginger Matches NSAIDs in Reducing Premenstrual Pain”

“Nutrition Factors Linked to Hair Loss”

“Garlic and Ginger fight Drug Resistant Superbugs”

“Astaxanthin Speeds Muscle Recovery for Athletes”

“Air Pollution Causes Non-Lung Cancer Deaths”

“Osteoarthritis Diminished with Weight Loss”

“Sunshine in Pregnancy Reduces Child’s Asthma Risk”

“Hedyotis Herb for Leukemia”

“Aromatherapy Soothes Seasonal Allergy Symptoms”

“Zinc and Iron Foods Help Prevent Lung Cancer”

“Does Coconut Oil Help Alzheimer’s Patients?”

“Spinach Helps Protect Eyes from Macular Degeneration”

“Eating Carrots Helps Prevent Stomach and Prostate Cancer”

“Vertigo Treated with Home Exercises”

“American Ginseng for Type 2 Diabetes”

“Herbs for Parkinson’s, Schizophrenia”

“Fecal Transplants Transfer Viruses, Cause Fevers”

“Chlorella and Spirulina for Hepatitis C Infections”

“Dietary Vitamin C Reduces, Protects Against Cataracts”

“Hospitals Worse than Home for Cancer Survival”

“Beets for Endurance, Stamina and Athletic Performance”

“Seaweeds for Fighting Cancer”

“Cupping Eases Fibromyalgia, Neck and Shoulder Pain”

“Purple Grape Juice Boosts Memory and Cognition”

“Busting the Myths of Calcium for Bone Health”

“Lung Cancer Linked to Eating Junk Foods”

“Dietary Magnesium for Obesity and Diabetes”

“Osteopathic Manual Therapy Eases Low Back Pain”

“Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Treated with Herbs & Music”

“Red Yeast Rice Reduces Cholesterol”

“Leafy Greens for Gut Immunity”

“ADHD Meds Linked to Bone Density Loss in Kids”

“Fruit Smoothies and Tooth Decay?”

“Cumin for Reduced Breast Cancer Risk”

“Safflower Yellow for Sepsis and Septic Shock”

“Six Ways to Keep Your Brain from Shrinking”

“Green Tea for Estrogen Metabolism, Cancer Risk”

“Organic Tomatoes: More Tasty and Nutritious”

“Mediterranean Diet Reduces Heart Attack Risk”

“Fruits Reduce Inflammation and Heart Disease”

“Formaldehyde Exposure from Laminate Flooring: How Bad is It?”

“Oral Probiotics Treat Oral Candida Infections”

“Mushroom Lowers PSA in Prostate Cancer Men”

“Fiber Helps Prevent Breast Cancer”

“White Cinquefoil Herb for Goiter, Other Thyroid Disorders”

“Herbal Cough Remedy Beats Pharma Cough Syrup”

“How Flint Water Crisis Could Happen Anywhere”

“Herbal Medicine Improves Memory for Alzheimer’s Patients”

“Berry Nutrient and Heart Attack Risk, Hypertension”

“Tomatoes Reduce Hardening of Arteries”

“Ancient Teeth Cleaning Miswak Twig Fights Oral Bacteria”

“Natural Views Boost Attention, Focus and Performance”

“Meat Causes Cancer, Says World Health Organization”

“Magnesium Foods Help Prevent Strokes”

“Should We Remove Our Amalgam Dental Fillings?”

“Exercise Helps Prevent Hearing Loss”

“Echinacea for Colds and Other Viral Infections”

“Awe, Beauty and Wonder Reduce Inflammation”

“Low-level Lead and Other Pollutants Causing ADHD”

“Apple Cider Vinegar Eases Varicose Veins”

“Periodic Fasting Boosts Our Stem Cells and Immunity”

“Germinated Brown Rice Helps Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease”

“Legumes Reduce Colorectal Cancer Risk”

“Plant-based Fats Reduce Weight and Heart Disease”

“Excessive TV Produces Cognitive Impairment and Earlier Death”

“Orange Juice and Dried Fruit Help Keep Weight Down”

“Peanut Allergies Resolved by Immunotherapy and Probiotics”

“Cypress Forest Aromatherapy – Positive Moods and Heart Health”

“Ulam Raja Herb Can Help 8 Medical Conditions”

“Ashwagandha Boosts Testosterone, Muscle Size and Strength”

“Leaking Lipopolysaccharides from Gut Bacteria Linked to Heart Failure”

“Breast Cancer Linked to Red Meat Consumption”

“Fermented Wheat Germ Found to be Anti-Cancer”

“Citrus Peels Fight Bacteria Like Antibiotics”

“Highest Parabens in Pregnant Women found in U.S. City”

“Flax Alters Gut Bacteria, Reduces Insulin Resistance”

“Acupuncture Meridian Circulatory System Proven”

“8 Healing Benefits of Maqui Berry Superfruit”

“Holy Basil has 18 Amazing Medicinal Benefits”

“Knee Pain Increases Risk of Dying in Women”

“Just One Kiwi a Week Boosts Heart Health”

“Oxycontin Linked to Heroin Overdose”

“Acupuncture Beats Pharmaceuticals for Sciatica Pain”

“Even Moderate Drinking Linked to Leaky Gut Syndrome”

“Childhood Antibiotic Overuse Causes Teenage Weight Gain”

“High Fructose Corn Syrup Linked to Asthma and Bronchitis”

“The Calming and Healing Effects of Sacred Lotus”

“Shatterstone Herb Halts Hepatitis B Virus and Herpes”

“Can Your Diet Reduce Your Chances of Alzheimer’s?”

“Many Tropical Plants in Danger from Climate Change”

“Nobel Prize Awarded for Herbal Malaria Treatments”

“Sitting Leads to Cancer and Early Death; Fidgeting Helps”

“Vitamin E Beats Drug in Slowing Alzheimer’s Progression”

“Is Brown Rice Healthier than White Rice? Absolutely”

“Cloves Stop the Growth of Several Cancers”

“Bedtime Computer Use Disturbs Sleep and Circadian Rhythms”

“Pervasive Fluorochemical Exposures Continue”

“Herbal Therapy for Enlarged Prostate (BPH)”

“Tea Tree Oil and Other Herbal Oils Fight Superbug Infections”

“Manganism – Misdiagnosed as Parkinson’s – Linked to Toxic Exposures”

“Plant-based Diets Help Quickly Reduce Weight and Cholesterol”

“Herbal Medicine Steeped Among Orthodox Monasteries”

“Ancient Plum Remedy Stops Pneumonia Superbug Infection”

“Ayurveda Remedy Beats Pharma Drug for Severe Anxiety”

“Red Yeast Rice Beats Statins for Reducing Cholesterol”

“GMO Soy Accumulates Carcinogen Formaldehyde”

“Can Purpose and Meaning in Life Extend Your Lifespan?”

“Essential Orange Oil Reduces Anxiety”

“Fruits, Veggies, Homemade Foods Help Prevent Food Allergies”

“Red Clover Halts Bone Loss in Menopausal Women”

“Spicy Foods May Boost Lifespan – But Only for Non-Drinkers”

“Chamomile Tea Helps Prevent Thyroid Cancer and Thyroid Conditions”

“Nobiletin from Citrus Fights Cancer, Heals Liver, Heart”

“Pancreatic Cancer Linked to Less Sun Exposure”

“Bats are Likely Source of Ebola Virus Infection”

“Magnolia Bark Extract and Cancer”

“Half of Kids Dehydrated – Urine Color Test Validated”

“Probiotics and Microbes Webinar: Healing Your Microbiome”

“Blueberries Boost Memory, Halt DNA Damage”

“Natural Colors and Spaces Promote Healthy Aging”

“Antibiotic Overuse in Childhood Causes More Illness Later”

“Garlic Effective for Antibiotic-Resistant Urinary Tract Infections”

“Gut Microbiome Linked to Colorectal Cancers”

“Rhodiola Herb for Clinical Depression”

“Herbs for Liver Cirrhosis, Fibrosis and Hepatitis B”

“Bodybuilding Supplements Increase Testicular Cancers”

“Mistletoe Extends Cancer Survival”

“Roundup® 125 Times Worse than Glyphosate”

“Daily Exercise Increases Lifespan by at Least Five Years”

“Yoga Meditation Boosts Gray Matter”

“Heartburn Drugs Boost Risk of Heart Attacks”

“Ampelopsis Japonica Herb Fights Breast Cancer”

“Getting Free from Toxic Oil – Now”

“Melanoma Rates Double as More Use Sunscreen, Fewer Sunbathe”

“Drinking Chamomile Tea Extends Lifespan”

“Many Probiotic Supplements Contain Gluten Traces”

“Common Rush Plant Extract Fights Stomach Cancer”

“Will Your Doctor be a Robot in the Near Future?”

“Huperzine A for Alzheimer’s Disease”

“Rosemary Oil Matches Minoxidil for Baldness”

“Better Sleep Increases Athletic Performance”

“Probiotics Reduce Depression and Anxiety”

“Restful Sleep Makes You Eat More Healthy”

“Weight Loss and Heart Health Varies by Food Color”

“Broccoli Repairs DNA, Reduces Inflammation, Osteoarthritis”

“Plant Foods and Nutrients that Ease PMS”

“Quercetin Halts Cancer Growth Including Leukemia”

“Yes, Bacteria Can Live in the Freezer”

“Flotation Therapy Reduces Pain, Depression, Anxiety, Improves Sleep”

“Elimination Diets Increase Food Allergies in Kids”

“Is BPA-free Really Safe? 8 Steps to Get Bisphenols Out”

“Fruits and Veggies in Pregnancy Lower Preterm Births”

“Ashwagandha for Cancer, Bones, Parkinson’s”

“Bacopa Increases Cognition, Memory, Multitasking”

“Liver Disease Linked to Leaky Gut Syndrome”

“Barberry Inhibits Tapeworm Parasites”

“Bacopa Aids Memory, Cognition, Multitasking”

“Pine Bark Extracts Heal Wounds, Lung Disorders, Venous Issues”

“Cell Phone and Router Electromagnetic Radiation Harms Plants”

“Low Birth Weight Linked to Less Brain Power”

“Pine Bark Extract Shortens Duration of the Common Cold”

“Plant Lectins Fight Viruses in Studies”

“Hatha Yoga Improves Antioxidants, Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar”

“Resistant Superbugs Growing Globally, Killing Babies”

“Garlic, Vitamin C and Zinc Shorten Common Cold”

“Herbal Medicine Alters our Genes Naturally”

“Glyphosate Hurts Gut Probiotics, Linked to Gluten Sensitivity”

“Manuka Honey Fights off Clostridia Infections”

“Gut Bacteria Determines Ability to Lose Weight and Keep it Off”

“Pasteurized Milk Speeds Death, Heart Disease, Cancer and Bone Fractures”

“B Vitamins Slow Grey Matter Loss and Alzheimer’s Progression”

“Low Riboflavin and Methionine Diets Linked to Lung Cancer”

“Daylight Savings Changes Produce Negative Health Effects”

“Yeast NAD Boosts Cognition, Endurance, Longevity”

“Whole Wheat Reduces Inflammation and Improves Microbiome”

“Sugary Sodas Speed Up Aging”

“Superbug Urinary Tract Infections Traced to Factory Animal Farms”

“Hopseed Herb Inhibits Candida Infections”

“Herbs for Prostate Enlargement”

“Red Algae Extract Deters Ebola, HIV, SARS and HCV in Studies”

“Panax Ginseng: Proven Antibiotic and Anticancer Agent”

“Aging accompanies Free Radical Increase”

“Olive Leaf for Diabetes”

“Smoking Linked to Anxiety and Depression”

“Many Cancer Patients Use Alternative Medicine, Studies Find”

“High Fiber Breakfast Reduces Diabetes Risk Among Children”

“Sesame Oil Massage and Pulling Fights Gum Disease”

“ADHD Linked to the Western Diet”

“Too Much Protein Causes Early Death, Heart Disease and Diabetes”

“Melatonin from Certain Foods Naturally Help Us Sleep”

“Plant Sterols from Nuts, Soy and Fiber Improve Cholesterol”

“Essential Oils Proven to Fight Ringworm Infections”

“Chamomile for Clinical Depression and Anxiety”

“Milk Thistle for HIV Infections”

“Brown Seaweeds Produce Healthy Insulin and Glucose Levels”

“Parkinson’s Disease Linked to Exposure to Heavy Metals”

“Oceans and Sealife Struggle to Deal with Increased Acidification”

“Soy and Equol: How Soy Reduces Breast Cancer Risk”

“Vegetables Proven to Extend Life”

“Pine Bark Reduces Tinnitus and Vertigo in Meniere’s Disease”

“Light to Moderate Drinking Increases Heart Disease Risk”

“The Rise of Acinetobacter baumannii: Nature’s Antibiotics are Last Resort”

“Raisin Snacking Reduces Blood Pressure and Risk of Diabetes”

“Second Hand Smoke Produces Heart Disease in Children”

“Vitamin D3 Helps Block Hepatitis C Virus”

“Playing Outside Decreases ADHD Risk for Kids”

“Low-Carb Mediterranean Diet Benefits Type 2 Diabetes”

“Herbal Medicines for Diabetics”

“Essential Oils Help Painful Menstruation”

“Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Cognitive Decline in Elderly”

“Why GMO Bananas aren’t Solution for Vitamin A Deficiency”

“Chemical Fertilizers Adding to Greenhouse Gases, Scientists Find”

“Seniors Taking More Addictive Painkillers. Any Natural Alternatives?”

“Ginger and Cinnamon Boost Athletic Performance, Reduce Soreness”

“Food Allergies Linked with Lack of Vitamin D and Sunshine”

“Fried Foods Linked to Prostate Cancer Incidence”

“Stress and Depression Shorten Telomeres, Life Expectancy”

“Pepper Tree Inhibits Candida albicans Infections”

“Ayurvedic Herbs for Hepatitis B”

“ADHD in Children Linked to Mother’s Pesticide Exposure”

“Can a Water Filter Remove Ethylene Dibromide?”

“Acorns Fight Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria”

“Tooth Loss Linked to Cognitive Decline”

“Organic Milk Contains Better Fats”

“Diets High in Potassium Reduce Stroke Risk”

“Lavender Aromatherapy Calms Premenstrual Emotions”

“Thyme Oil Beats Ibuprofen for Menses Pain”

“Hawaii Legislature Approves North Shore Oahu Conservation Plan”

“Why Adult Daytime Naps Increase Risk of Death”

“Black Beans and Bean Sprouts Fight Cancer”

“Licorice Root Fights MERS and SARS Viral Infections in Studies”

“Food Allergy ELISA IgG Tests Fall Short for Diagnosis”

“Can Organic Farming Prevent TR4 Banana Disease?”

“Herbs and Nutrients to Boost Sperm Counts and Motility”

“Algal DHA Helps Baby Brains and Respiratory Conditions”

“Qi Deficiency Proven Out by Science”

“Reishi and Cordyceps Boost Testosterone and Athletic Performance”

“Aged Garlic and Other Natural Strategies Reduce Hypertension”

“Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Beats Drugs for Autism”

“Married People Have Healthier Hearts than Single People”

“Research: Allergies Increase Risk of Certain Cancers”

“Study: Fat-soluble Chemicals Linked to Neurological Issues”

“Going Outdoors Boosts Immunity and Moods, Reduces Fatigue”

“Mammograms Don’t Reduce Cancer Deaths, Says Large Study”

“Fermented Red Ginseng Boosts Longevity and Fights Cancer”

“Ancient Kampo Herbalism and Japanese Conventional Medicine”

“Sugary Sodas Proven to Increase Blood Pressure”

“Refined Sugars Harm Cholesterol Levels”

“Rain forest Deforestation Linked to Respiratory Issues”

“Whole Wheat Helps Prevent Colon Cancer”

“Drug Side Effects Can Be Worse for Women”

“Vitamin C Elevates Moods, Reduces Distress and Anxiety”

“Study: Pomegranate and Chamomile Reduce Bleeding Gums”

“Studies: Onions Improve Appearance of Scars”

“Studies: Herbs Reduce Gut Infective H. pylori Populations”

“Desert Spike Herb Reduces Surgery Pain”

“Herbs and Nutrients that Resist Heat Shock Proteins”

“Chemicals like Glyphosate and Atrazine are Raining Down”

“Artemisia Herb Fights Malaria and Dengue Fever”

“Type 2 Diabetes Linked to Prebiotics”

“Grape Seed Extract Eases Menopause Symptoms”

“Tea Tree Oil and Silver Prove their Antibiotic Potency”

“Forest Walking Reduces Anxiety, Benefits Heart”

“Ashwagandha for Bipolar Disorder”

“Study: Allergies to Mice Linked to Childhood Asthma”

“Studies: Plant-based Low Carb Diet Aids Weight Loss, Cholesterol”

“Study: Athlete’s Feet Improved with Coriander Oil”

“Grains of Paradise Produces Weight Loss and Brown Fat Loss”

“Breastfeeding Boosts Oral Probiotics, Fights Tooth Decay”

“Shark Culling Won’t Reduce Shark Attacks”

“Food Sensitivities Unrelated to IgE Reduction”

“Can Antioxidants Help Prevent Skin Cancer?”

“Coring Lettuce Increases E. Coli Infection Risk”

“How to Reduce Pesticides and Heavy Metals from Chinese Herbs”

“Are Vitamin D Supplements Effective for Reducing Disease?”

“Bee Hand-Pollinating is the Canary in the Coal Mine”

“Do Humidifiers Help the Common Cold?”

“Ayurveda Herbs for Type 2 Diabetes”

“Neonicotinoids are Neurotoxins to Humans Too”

“Australia Joins Other Governments in Banning Indoor Tanning Salons”

“Are Your Christmas Tree Ornaments Toxic?”

“Progressive Muscle Relaxation Curbs Afternoon Sleepiness”

“Sunlight and Good Sleep Improve Bipolar Disorder”

“What is Kynurenic Acid: A Nutrient or Toxin?”

“Osteoarthritis Improved by Weight Loss with Exercise”

“Western Diet and Refined Sweeteners Impair Liver Function”

“Compassionate Love Speeds Healing, Reduces Illness”

“Sensitive Teeth? Two Ayurvedic Remedies Curb Hypersensitivity”

“NSAIDs Deplete Body’s Vitamin B-6 Levels”

“Rheumatoid Arthritis Linked to Gut Bacteria, Microbiome”

“One of Five U.S. Adults over 18 Has Arthritis – and Half of those over 65”

“Dolphin Slaughter Happening Off Coast of Peru”

“Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Linked to Poor Sleep”

“Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Cause Infant Wheezing”

“Macassar kernels (Brucea javanica) Halts MRSA Growth”

“Dangerous Drug-Resistant Bacteria Spreading Internationally”

“How to Reduce Your Breast Cancer Risk with Diet”

“Exercise Beats Drugs for Reducing Heart Disease Deaths”

“How Much Salt or Sodium is Healthy?”

“Gluten Sensitivity Associated with Gut Probiotics”

“Acupuncture is Effective for Knee Osteoarthritis”

“Cow’s Milk Increases Risk of Infant Allergies”

“Is Movie Theater Popcorn GMO? The Answer Might Surprise You”

“Coral Bleaching and Sunlight Exposure”

“Modern Burials Leave Behind Toxic Legacy”

“Fetal Exposure to Pollutants Produces Childhood Obesity”

“PCBs Cause Cancer and Exposure Still Rampant”

“Are Toxic Chemicals Joining Your Summer Picnic?”

“Lack of Sleep Makes Us Eat More”

“Ozone Levels Linked to Allergy Symptoms”

“Sinkhole Caused by Chemical Company Swallowing Town”

“Tai Chi Beats Conventional Treatments for Blood Pressure”

“Chemical Pesticides Building up in Frogs”

“Health Canada Says Glycemic Index is Inconsistent and Misleading”

“Red Tides Linked to Fertilizer Runoff”

“Arthritis Accompanies Other Inflammatory Conditions”

“What do Pesticides, Herbicides and Antibiotics have in Common?”

“What is it about Pasteurized Milk that Causes Constipation?”

“U.S. Organic Food Sales Continue Their Rise”

“Autism Linked to Gut and Probiotics”

“The Anatomy and Physiology of Low Back Pain”

“Lifetime Pesticide Exposures Shorten Telomeres”

“Non-invasive Manual Therapy Relieves Low Back Pain”

“Breast Milk Exposing Infants to BPA”

“Lumbar Flexibility and Balance for Low Back Pain”

“Obesity and Diabetes Linked to Vitamin D Deficiency”

“Asthma Linked to Home Stress and Parental Depression”

“Monoculture Linked to Hay Fever and Allergies”

“Probiotics Help You Lose Weight”

“Mercury from Amalgams Poisoning Dentists”

“Arthritis Proves to be Linked to Gingivitis Bacteria”

“Toxic Parabens Contaminating U.S. Food Supply”

“BPA Exposure Increases Risk of Diabetes”

“Strengthening and Supporting the Back”

“Seafood Fraud, Fish Populations, and Foodborne Illness”

“Food and Skin Allergies are Dramatically Rising in Kids”

“Is China Greenhouse Pollution Worse than the U.S.?”

“Donkey Milk Good Alternative for Cow’s Milk Allergy”

“Skin Probiotics Offer Best Defense Against MRSA Infections”

“Autism Linked to Mothers Taking Antidepressant Drugs”

“Bird Flu Linked to Bird Markets, Fish Farms, Weather Patterns”

“How the Earth Can Heal Itself (If We Let It)”

“L-Carnitine Linked to Heart Disease, Bad Gut Bacteria”

“Antimicrobial Capacity of Honey Dependent Upon Flower Pollinated”

“Good Posture to Help Relieve Low Back Pain”

“Prunes and Other Strategies to Reverse Bone Loss”

“Over Half of U.S. Rivers and Streams Polluted”

“Oral Probiotics Reduce Ear and Throat Infections”

“Natural Settings Lower Crime Rates”

“Some Teeth Whiteners Weaken Tooth Enamel”

“People Drink Sugary Drinks Because They are Cheap”

“Phthalate Concentrations Found in United States’ Food Supplies”

“Diabetes Linked to Vitamin D Deficiency”

“Zithromax Antibiotic Linked to Heart Attacks”

“Probiotics Change Brain Activity and Emotional Response”

“Self-Guided Biomechanical Torsion for Low Back Pain”

“Asthma Linked to Bacteria Infections”

“Deadly Superbugs Hitting Critical Mass in Hospitals”

“Vitamin D Supplements Linked Child’s Food Allergy Risk”

“Does BPA Really Cause Hormone Disruption?”

“Calcium Supplementation Can Increase Heart Disease”

“Sleep Quality and Duration Linked to Diet and Certain Nutrients”

“Can Couples’ Hearts Beat Together?”

“Music in Early Childhood Boosts Cognition and Brain Health”

“Lumbar Aids and Strategies for Low Back Pain”

“Dying Coral Reefs Linked to Chemical Fertilizers and Factory Farms”

“Probiotics Help Prevent and Ease Common Cold”

“Snoring Linked to Strokes, Heart Attacks, Metabolic Syndrome”

“Sleep Quality Linked to Memory Frontal Lobe Size”

“Doctor says Medical Mistakes Killing a Jumbo Jet of People Daily”

“Which Flu Vaccines Contain Mercury? Depends on the Type and Dose”

“How Much Water We Should Drink?”

“Movie Exposes Strategies of Fracking Companies”

“Synthetic Folic Acid Linked to Colorectal Cancer”

“Doctor Says Magnesium Fights the Flu, COPD and Insomnia”

“Are Genetically Modified Fish Safe to Eat?”

“Mom’s Sun Exposure Linked to Child’s Health”

“9/11 Ground Zero Produces Delayed Cancers”

“Is Owning a Gun Healthy? Fear, Gun Control and Preppers”

“Less than One Hour of Light Therapy Reduces Depression”

“Flame Retardant Chemical BVO Found in Popular Soft Drinks”

“BPA Found in Mothers’ Breast Milk and Babies”

“Hospitals Caught Over-Admitting and Over-Charging Patients”

“U.S. Pork Infected with Resistant Bacteria and Growth Drug”

“Jobs that Increase Your Risk of Breast Cancer”

“Sugary Sodas Linked to Strokes and Diabetes”

“Is Your Thanksgiving Turkey Toxic?”

“Tuberculosis Infections Prominent in Septic Arthritis”

“Is Your Restaurant a Host for Infectious Disease?”

“Pharma Drugs Leading Cause of Liver Injury”

“Reduced Glycemic Load Boosts Colon Cancer Survival”

“Nasal Irrigation Helps Relieve Hay Fever Symptoms”

“Probiotics Improve Cholesterol Levels”

“Eight Toxins Commonly Found in U.S. Children”

“Dementia and Cognitive Decline Linked to Sleep Disorders”

“Horror Movie Brings Attention to Toxic Waterways in Mid-Atlantic Region”

“Acrylamides Linked to Child Developmental Issues”

“Multivitamin Supplements Help Prevent Cancer”

“Unhealthy Halloween Treats to Avoid”

“Meningitis Linked to Compounded Steroid Drugs”

“Fukushima Radiation Exposure and Risks Overblown According to Doctors”

“Asbestos Exposure has Increased Despite Bans”

“Pomegranate Inhibits Prostate Cancer PSA Rise”

“Childhood Diets Related to Increased Incidence of Allergies”

“Probiotics Reduce Leaky Gut Syndrome”

“Probiotics Fight Lung Infections”

“Sodas, Fries, Snacks Elevate Diabetes Risk”

“9/11 First Responders Still Fighting For Their Lives”

“Bats that Reduce Pests are Dying from Pesticides”

“Vitamin D Deficiency Speeds Aging and Early Death”

“Parkinson’s Disease Linked to Pesticide Exposure”

“Natural Gas Fracking Poisons Water Supplies”

“Walnuts Boost Sperm Counts”

“Infants Given Antibiotics Have Higher Risk of Obesity”

“Are Mental Disorders the Result of Neuroinflammation?”

“Genetic Corn Worsens Drought Damage”

“Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics Linked to Severe Liver Damage”

“Heavy Metals Contaminate Crops”

“Too Much Exercise Without Recovery Reduces Immunity”

“Hospitals’ Unnecessary Medical Treatments Exposed”

“Garden Hoses Leach Toxic Chemicals Into Water”

“Hepatitis Conditions Respond to Nutritional Therapy”

“Studies Show Herbs Helpful for COPD Conditions”

“Who is to Blame for Brain Damage to Football Players?”

“Parsley Proves to be Medicinal Super-Food”

“Hair Loss Drugs Linked to Erectile Dysfunction”

“Dementia Progression Slowed with Good Nutrition”

“Acrylamides Linked to Several Cancers”

“Silver Sol Fights Superbug Infections”

“Gastric Bypass Linked to Alcohol Addiction Risk”

“Two-Headed Fish Linked to Ocean Dead Zones”

“Parkinson’s Disease and Dementia Linked to Sleep”

“Rapid Detoxification Programs Found to be Unsafe”

“African-Americans Suffer More Cancer Deaths”

“Probiotics Treat Diarrhea Caused by Antibiotics”

“CT Scans Cause Brain Cancer, Leukemia”

“Obesity Linked to Numerous Cancers”

“Tuna Have Become Radioactive in Addition to Mercury”

“California Bans Plastic Bags”

“Toxins Can Harm Us for Generations”

“Chronic Cough Linked to Heartburn”

“Select Hay Fever and Allergies Linked to Early Antibiotic Use”

“Arthritis Foundation Stresses Exercise”

“Sunshine and Vitamin D Help Prevent Viral Infections”

“Why are Concussions so High in Girl’s Soccer?”

“Heartburn Emergencies Rampant in Children”

“Can Moxibustion Treat Childhood Asthma?”

“Childhood Obesity Linked to the Neighborhood”

“High-Intensity Exercise Boosts Cognition and Attention”

“Botox Mostly Ineffective for Headaches”

“Exercise Helps Reverse Diabetic Immobility”

“Breastfeeding Helps Prevent Obesity Later”

“World Asthma Month? Really?”

“30% Suffer from Lack of Sleep”

“Salmonella Sushi Outbreak Sickens 200”

“BPA Increases Risk of Genital Birth Defects”

“Measles Outbreaks Blamed on Anti-Vaccinators”

“Formaldehyde in Schools Linked to Childhood Allergies and Asthma”

“Oral Probiotic Stops Candida Yeast Infections”

“Chemical Fertilizers Poisoning Drinking Water”

“Lack of Sleep Causes Overeating”

“Autism Linked to Chemical Toxin Exposure During Pregnancy”

“Unnecessary Medical Tests Identified”

“Refined Sugar Promotes Cancer”

“At Least Half of Cancers are Preventable”

“Milk Allergies Linked to ENT Conditions”

“Vitamin D from Sunshine Reduces Tooth Decay”

“Paraguay Rainforests Disappearing”

“Vitamin D Linked to Type 1 Diabetes”

“Fatty Foods Decrease Sperm Count”

“Pollen Counts and Hay Fever Allergies Arriving Earlier”

“Obesity Linked to Bacteria Infection”

“WHO: Antibiotics Losing Effectiveness”

“Coffee Grounds Nourish Lettuce”

“Red Meat Increases Risk of Dying Earlier”

“Youth Smoking Called An Epidemic”

“Western Diet Linked to Allergies and Asthma in Kids”

“Statins Boost Risk of Diabetes”

“Dolphin Strandings Linked to Widespread Sonar Use”

“Statin Drugs Can Impair Cognitive Function”

“Are Bioidentical Hormones Safer and Better?”

“Lack of Sun Linked to Trauma Cases”

“Flu Epidemics Linked to Weather Pattern”

“Herbicide Atrazine Turns Male Frogs to Females”

“Scientists Find Processed Sugar Toxic”

“Dimethylamylamine (DMAA) Linked to Army Deaths”

“Caffeine Alters Estrogen in Women”

“Autism Diagnoses Continue to Explode”

“Is that Smelly Plastic from China Toxic?”

“Western Medicine Wrong on Salt and Heart Disease”

“Manganese Stops Deadly Shiga Toxin”

“Drinking Water Amoeba Keeps Killing People”

“Meat Increases Pancreatic Cancer Risk”

“Bees Dying in Colony Collapse from Neonicotinoid Pesticides”

“Film Exposes Bee Colony Collapse Cause”

“Hexavalent Chromium Linked to Asthma”

“DHA Algae Not Genetically Modified, Martek Says”

“Smoking Linked to Skin Cancer”

“Allergies Slow Brain Function”

“Kombucha Helps Protect the Liver Against Toxins”

“Polyester Clothing Polluting Oceans by Washing Them”

“Some Kids’ Cereals Are More Than Half Sugar”

“Vitamin D Linked with Obesity, Diabetes”

“Deep Breathing Reduces Free Radicals and Oxidative Stress”

“A Quarter of the World’s Land has Been Degraded”

“Food Cans can Elevate BPA Levels by 1000%”

“Prebiotics Reduce Colds and Flu”

“Autism Caused by Toxin Exposure in the Womb”

“Low-Carb Diets Signficantly Increase Risk of Early Death”

“Growth Hormones in Milk Linked to Cancer”

“Sitting Shortens Life, Ups Cancer Risk”

“Bacteria Implicated in Colon and Rectal Cancers”

“Drinking Alcohol Increases Your Risk of Cancer”

“Probiotics Found to Reduce Stress”

“Why Aspirin Can Prevent Cancer”

“Tsunami Trash Wake Up Call”

“Multivitamins Reduce Deaths in Study”

“Breast Cancer Linked to Fracking”

“Play Reduces ADHD Symptoms in Kids”

“Should Psychoactive Drugs be given to Young Children?”

“Are Your Reusable Bags Carrying Bacteria?”

“Vermont’s Cow Power a Success”

“Fast Food Firms Target Low Income Minorities”

“Breathing Exercises Can Treat Lung Disease”

“Are Multivitamin Supplements Really Good for You?”

“Petitions Launched to Label GM Foods”

“Health Insurance Premiums Jump 9% Across the U.S.”

“Teen Suicides Linked to Poor Sleep”

“Alzheimer’s Linked to Diet and Exercise”

“NSAIDs Linked with Miscarriages”

“Select Mineral Deficiencies Linked to ADHD in Children”

“Hungary’s First Fat Tax Starts Sept. 1 2011”

“Global Warming Debate Heats Up As Climate Does”

“Too Much Iron Can Lead to Artery Disease”

“Mediterranean Diet Helps Prevent Metabolic Syndrome”

“Red Meat Increases Type 2 Diabetes”

“Low Carb Diets Boost Breast Cancer Risk”

“Colon Hydrotherapy Treats Irritable Bowel Syndrome”

“High-Fructose Corn Syrup Raises Triglycerides”

“Mediterranean Diet Reduces Cancer Risk”

“Phthalate and BPA Plasticizers Disrupt Human Hormones”

“Bayer Settles GM Rice Contamination”

“Massage Provides Relief for Low Back Pain”

“Autism and Toxic Exposure — Private”

“Mixed Tocotrienols Help Reverse Baldness”

“Acetaminophen Causes Liver Disease”

“Are Breast Implants Safe in the Long Run?”

“Needless CT Scans by U.S. Hospitals”

“E. coli Increasingly Becoming Multiple Drug Resistant”

“Oral Contraceptives Increase Asthma”

“Vegetarian Diet More Nutritious”

“Autophagy: The Link Between Protein Overload and Increased Cell Death”

“Do Children Born with C-Section Have More Allergies?”

“The A2 Milk Controversy”

“Frankenfish: Are Cloned Salmon Really Ready to Eat?”

“Is Bisphenol-A Significantly Metabolized by the Liver?”

“Why Do Bacteria Become Resistant to Antibiotics?”

“Are MRSA Rates Really Declining?”

“The Power of Celery”

“The Link Between Parkinson’s Disease and REM-stage Sleep”

“Going Outside with Wet Hair Will Cause a Cold – Fact or Myth”

“Why Locally Grown Food is Healthier”

“Is Swallowing Chewing Gum Healthy?”

“Harpagophytum (“Devil’s Claw”) and Back Pain”

“Natural Approaches to Fibromyalgia”

“The Mysterious Connection Between Cancer and Heparanase (Beta-glucuronidase)”

“The Myth of “Feed a Cold, Starve a Fever”“

“Which Non-organic Fruits and Veggies Contain the Most Toxins?”

“Alternative Ways to Hydrate”

“Avocado: An Amazing Superfood”

“Does Supplemented Calcium Cause More Heart Attacks?”

“Traditional Uses for Castor Oil”

“Do You Really Need Fish and Fish Oil?”

“Keeping the Liver Healthy”

“What is D-mannose?”

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